Kite Tutorials is designed to be an educational resource for anyone learning kite related sports. In this site you will find information about items such as:

Setup, Safety, Conditions,Terminology, Locations, Hazards, Weather, Equipment, Trainer Kites, the Wind Window and more.

You will find the information in this site useful for sports/activities such as:

Kiteboarding, kitesurfing, kiting, power kiting, landboarding, snow kiting, kite sailing, stunt kiting, trainer kite flying, kiteboarding tricks/tips and more.

Our goal is to provide you with a resource to supplement professional lessons from qualified instructors. This site (and the information provided) is in NO way intended to be a replacement for proper instruction and lessons. This site has been developed from years of teaching kiteboarding. Many students often asked, “Where can I get this material?” We decided this information should be readily available to students to accelerate in their learning process. We try to offer many diagrams, descriptions, pictures and videos to help students grasp the concepts. So here it is. We are working on making better and better. If you are looking for lessons then click HERE. Or if you need equipment then check this great ONLINE STORE.

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HQ-Powerkites Montana 3 Field Manual